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Rose Duhaime
great to see this website, esp since I am a Phelan descendant by way of Ann Phelan & Andrew McDermott
How did you find this site: Phelan family history
19 September 2019 - Parker Colorado

Kathy Thomasen
Hello. May Grandmother was a school teacher 1907-1910. It appeasrs from the article in the newspaper that she was home visiting from Chepstowe in 1908. Her name was Margaret Mary Dolan. She was also know as Minnie Dolan. I would like to know if there is any information in the records from that time about her?
How did you find this site: google search for Chepstowe,
12 January 2019 - Canada

Debra McElroy
You mentioned in your story of the Phelans, John Sr's son-in-law Patrick Downey. Patrick is my ancestor, and I have not been able to find out much about him-- including who his parents were. Did you find anything in your research? I'd appreciate anything you have. Thanks.
How did you find this site: ancestry.com document
19 July 2018

J Snyder
found this page when i was looking for info on Chepstow, saw a couple houses for sale there and wanted to know more about the town and its history. very informative , thank you.
How did you find this site: google search
5 January 2014 - from near Elora

Tina Van Eyken
I was raised in Chepstow up until October 31st 2007. I used to live on the main street, my grandparents lived by the creek. This site is pretty informative. Was happy to find it.
How did you find this site: Google
24 January 2013 - London, Ontario, Canada

Neil Thain
I drove through your village today and was intrigued to learn more about your churches and the original hotel on the corner. I found your site and was interested to learn more. Thank you.
Site Name: www,realestatewiz.ca
How did you find this site: google search
11 March 2012 - Collingwood, ON

Priscilla Stapleton
Found this sight while doing family history research. My GGG grandparents were James Stapleton and Ellen Phelan.
How did you find this site: Google search
6 May 2010 - Fernandina Beach FL

Trevor Powell
I have enjoyed viewing your site. It looks pretty cold there in the winter! I am the editor of chepstow-walkabout.c
o.uk which features an interactive tour of the town in the UK and its fantastic castle!
Site Name: Chepstow Walkabout
How did you find this site: Google
16 April 2010 - Chepstow, Wales, UK

Patrick Phelan
I was just doing some searching of the internet after joining a Phelan group on Facebook and I came across the Chepstow website. It was very interesting to read the history of my ancestors. I hope to visit Chepstow sometime in the future. I am the son of Dennis Phelan, who is pictured at the bottom of the Phelan Pics page.
How did you find this site: Google
21 February 2009 - Marine City, Michigan

Gerard Doyle
Reminiscing today.decided to visit the homepage of the town where I grew up.miss it dearly.maybe someday.when I make my millions.I can move back home
25 January 2009

Lesley Catt
Coming in September to stay with Uncle Dick and family, really really looking forward to meeting everyone and visiting the area.
How did you find this site: google search
1 August 2008

Lawrence Brown
My grandfather Leo Lacey was brought up in Cargill / Chepstow and still has family there. I visited nearly 20 yrs ago and hope to return soon. Leo has since passed away, but would have enjoyed this site and all the history stories.
How did you find this site: google
2 April 2008 - Brighton, England

david thomas phelan
lancaster uk.my father was thomas he lived inwarrington uk .his father came from ireland after ww2 lived in manchester
How did you find this site: browsing
28 February 2008 - LANCASTER

Cathleen (Clancy) Van
My grandfather, Gerald Joseph Clancy had family members in Chepstow. He was born in Cargill. I hope to visit this summer and meet with any family members still in the area.
How did you find this site: piecing together genealogy
29 January 2008 - Sequim, WA, USA

Mike Zettler
Checking out the site, my mom (Florence Phillippi) is from Chepstow.
16 January 2008 - La Salle, Manitoba

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