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sharan golden
I am doing genealogy on a relative, James Laurence Golden, b. Aug. 10, 1895 served in the Military. Any info would be appreciated
How did you find this site: browsing
27 October 2007 - winnipeg

Kenneth Lang
Great site Brosing through the Photo Gallary, and saw a picture of my Great Grandfather's homestead Anthony Lang. I inherited that exact same photo after the death of my father Gerald Lang, son George Lang.
How did you find this site: Researching the Lang family name on the internet
12 September 2007 - Waterloo, Ontario

wesley stevenson
Our sincere sympathy to uncle Dick & family on the death of auntie Rachel Green, Chepstow
How did you find this site: google search
22 August 2007 - Carnagribbin, Dunamanagh, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Daryl Hunter
Raymond John thanks for turning me on to this site I will come back and see more history on your family thanks Boss. Daryl
How did you find this site: through my Boss Raymond John Phelan
3 July 2007

Nice site hun, loves the pics!
How did you find this site: My friend Patsy
22 March 2007 - Snow Country

Loved your opening photo
How did you find this site: curiosity over the location of Chepstow
2 March 2007 - Launceston Tasmania. Australia

Dixie's Web Cafe
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Note:*This message was posted by the Chepstow site admin.
Site Name: Dixie's Web Cafe
1 March 2007 - Ontario

Sally Morris
We are curious about a house just outside of Chepstow, it is on Schmidt lake road, at the very end, a yellow brick, for sale. We want to come and view it, but also would love to have any info, details, history, anyone out there have anything? thanks so much in advance! You can email me if possible.
1 March 2007 - Tara Ontario

Ryan, Heather & Landon Victor Young
Wow I really wasn't expecting to see so much history, that is great. We can't wait to become part of Chepstow and move into our late grandparents place this summer ( Vic and Eileen Willi) Nice pic. by the way! Alls welcome to stop in and share some memories over some cold beers. See ya's around
How did you find this site: Searching for map of Chepstow
19 January 2007 - Kincardine

Daniel Gardner
If anyone knows the whereabouts and contact information for Marie Zettel, I would greatly appreciate it. We went on a mission trip to Austria in 1997 and I lost her phone number and address. I know she used to live in Chepstow but that is all the info I can remember. Thank you so much for any help you can give.
How did you find this site: Google
27 August 2006 - Downey, California

Jim Dickson
I am seeking information on my gggrandfather, David Dixon that lived in Chepstow in mid to late 1800s. He was married to a Desmond. His son Patrick Dickson b 1858 (?) moved to Gagetown Mich and married Catherine Rourk in 1871
How did you find this site: google search
17 June 2006 - St. Petersburg, FL

Mike Phelan
Read your site with interest, especially the history section
12 June 2006 - Toronto

Mary DiFazio
Hi.I am related to Schmidt family in Chepstow. I am living in Northville Michigan.Great website.
How did you find this site: someone told me about it
27 February 2006 - Northville Michigan

Tom O'Connor
Grandson of Pierce David O'Connor who was born in Chepstow in 1888. If anyone has historical information on the Chepstow O'Connor family -- would greatly appreciate it.
31 January 2006 - Texas USA

Richard J Wald
Nice site I am the great grandson of the founder of Chepstow, my grand father was Patrick Phelan of Gagetown Mi.
Site Name: N/A
How did you find this site: through Peter Mullin
29 December 2005 - Gagetown but wintering in Texas

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