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Rob Van De Vyvere
I lived in Walkerton and attended
S.H.H.S. with people from Chepstow. I often wonder what became of them and how they have turned out. I hope to come back that way soon and have a glass of draught at the King Eddy
24 September 2001 - lived in Walkerton

Cad é mar atá sibh, a Bhaile Eiméid? / Hello, Town of Emmet!

From when I was young and visited Bruce County often, I was fascinated with the history of your town's name. I wonder if there are other placenames which commemorate (or tried to) Robert Emmet's name.

Is there any local history on speakers of the Irish language in the Emmet/Cheptstow area?

Mo bheannacht chugaibh.
How did you find this site: friend
30 October 2005 - Toronto

i used to live by chepstow.....i wish i still did
30 October 2005 - Port Elgin

Loz W
I live in Chepstow south wales [the uk] just a 100 meters from the castle.I am very interested in finding out about other Chepstow's around the world.
I found your site very interesting and i will be visiting it again.See you all again soon
How did you find this site: web
30 October 2005 - Chepstow south wales

Caleb Cross
30 October 2005 - Richmond Indiana

Peter Gardiner
I live in a small village called Devauden which is 3 miles from the ancient town of CHEPSTOW in Monmouthshire, South Wales.

I am keen to find out why your town was named CHEPSTOW too!

30 October 2005 - Devauden, Wales UK

Katherine Huck | url
You have done a wonderful job on your site. My family imigrated from Germany in the 1800s and settled in Chepstow saying it was truly God's country. It's been a long time since I was there and I was feeling a little "homesick".
Site Name: Keystone Consulting
How did you find this site: Researching Chepstow for family history
30 October 2005 - Sudbury, On

Lorne Smith | url
Very cool site. It is interesting for us out here in the west to learn about eastern communities and likewise. Welcome to the world. Oh yeah, come visit us at www.vancouverbands.com
Site Name: VancouverBands.com
How did you find this site: found a link through the Canadian Eh newsletter
30 October 2005 - Vancouver BC

Coyote Jo | url
An absolutely wonderful site. It's great to be living in a Town with a lot of great Heritage.

I once visited a famous Town in Nevada and asked a young fellow about its heritage. He was born and raised in the Town and new nothing about its Heritage, shame.

Thank you so much for sharing. Peace and love always. God Bless.
Site Name: Coyote Jo's Welcome To My Page
How did you find this site: You visited my website and were kind enough to sign mine
30 October 2005 - Alberta, Canada

Hyman Novak | url
My kind of history. I love the history of small towns that have
been around for a long while.
Your pages are beautifully done & very easy to navigate.Would like to swap links or banners with you
Site Name: All Canadian and PROUD OF IT
How did you find this site: my guestbook
30 October 2005 - St.Laurent,Qc

Di | url
Wonderful site this is so much to read i loved it Looks a great place would love to see it in the real mind you A big hello from Scotland to Chepstow
Site Name: Land Of The Gods
How did you find this site: entry in mt Guestbook
30 October 2005 - SCOTLAND

Bev Woodley | url
Congratulations Chepstow , A GREAT site !
Site Name: the Country Shop
How did you find this site: Looking at the Wighman Classified adds and noticed this
30 October 2005 - Wroxeter , Ont.

Kevin Brown
Great site!
04 July 2001 - CKNX

Hola Patsy!
17 July 2005

Carla Hart
Patsy Barnhardt, sent me the web page and I really enjoyed looking at it. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Site Name: friend
How did you find this site: from a friend
06 June 2005 - Indiana

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